South Partner
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Argentina and Chile is a growing destination for offshore and near-shore outsourcing as it has many advantages over other traditional destinations, such as:
  • Closer time zone: We are only 1 hour ahead of US' East Coast and 4 hours from CEST.When compared to Eastern countries, Chile & Argentina becomes a great asset since it is almost on the same time zone as the US. This closeness provides several pros for any company working on complex software development projects, such as:

    • Easier live communications: our clients like the fact that they do not need to send an e-mail with a request or a comment and that they must not wait until the next day for a response.

    • Better team integration: there is frequent communication between the local and the off-shore team thus making a single unit. Not only team integration helps improve morale and commitment but also fosters collaboration.

    • Shorter communication cycles: it saves time and money!

  • Regional political stability: No major wars or terrorist attacks in decades. Chile & Argentina have proven to be a very safe and stable region; even though there was only one serious armed conflict in the last century (Falkland Islands). Eastern and Asian countries, on the other hand, are unfortunately undergoing a phase of regional political turmoil. Despite the fact that some of these countries, such as South Korea and India, have very stable governments and political institutions; Countries that pose a serious threat to this stability surround them.

  • Cultural similarities: Western culture with European and US affinity. Chile & Argentina’s culture bears close resemblance to that of the US and it also shares a deep appreciation of similar values, such as:

    • Strong work ethic,
    • Importance of private property,
    • Team work,
    • Education,
    • Respect and appreciation for a strong family.

  • Enjoyable environment: Nice and safe to travel. Chile & Argentina are a top international travel destination. This is very important when the need to travel arises or when the company wishes to relocate personnel. South Partner´s office in Mendoza are only a few hours from the Chilean beach and very close to international ski resorts such as Las Leñas, Portillo and Bariloche. Typical activities in Mendoza and Santiago include ski, mountain biking, rafting, winery touring, mountain hiking and climbing.

  • Low employee turnover: Our employee attrition rate is less than 10% annually, well below typical industry average. We attract and train the best engineering talent in South America, investing over 80 hours of training per year per engineer.

  • Abundant talent: Abundant talent Argentina made an entrance to the international IT outsourcing markets at a later time than India. This fact is a real advantage for companies interested in outsourcing as they will be able to tap into a top-level talent pool. Argentina has had a strong internal market and it has therefore become very mature and experienced in IT work force. When doing business in Argentina, you can forget about the high turn-over rates and the difficulties in finding qualified resources. The ability to recruit top talent is of great significance for small and medium size companies. If people tried to work with India, they would only be able to access those workers that are left over by the large corporations. Even if they partnered with Wipro or Infosys, they would still be provided with low-end people as the best personnel are reserved for largest accounts.

  • Educational excellence Chile & Argentina invests more per capita and as a percentage of GDP in education than almost any other developing country in the world. State-run Universities are completely free in Argentina and they also provide world-class education that has helped create a very large pool of very talented and educated professionals.

  • Knowledge More than 100 specialists with knowledge and experience in software & Product design with a wide-range of market experience including Government, Retail, Financial, e-Business, Big Data and Middleware & Integration.

  • Langueage Native in Spanish, Fluent in English and Portuguese.

  • Accesibility It´s an easy and relatively short trip to get to our offices. For example from New York you can leave at 10pm and arrive in Buenos Aires or Santiago by 9 am local time. It is just 30 minutes from Santiago to Mendoza and 1,5 hs. from Buenos Aires to Mendoza or Santiago.

  • Competitive costs and High Productivity skills: Our prices are similar to Indian rates and lower than those of Eastern European companies based on our high productivity programming IT professionals.

  • Strong Support of Federal Government: Chilean & Argentina’s government has provided a benefit package for those software companies that pass a demanding certification and audit process. Consensus Group is now in a process to certified company under this program, which provides fiscal and operative advantages.

  • Full IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) protection: Compliance with: The Convention on the Intellectual Property of Stockholm protected by Law 22,195; The Convention for the Protection and Production of Phonograms protected by law 19.963; The Convention Regarding the Distribution of Programs and Signals protected by law 24.425; Law 111 of Patents of Invention; Penal law 11,723 of “Scientific, Literary and Artistic Property”.

  • Creativity and Innovation skills: We recruits for Software engineers that embody the social and management skills necessary to deliver value on each and every client engagement. South America outsourcing can have definite cultural advantages, which translate into business benefits. Our engineers actively speak up with ideas, and ways, to make your product better. The ultimate goal is to get you a high quality, innovative product that you're proud to take to your customer and business stakeholders.