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The recruiter or Recruiting is a process that allows, through various interviews and evaluations, the interviewee know the potential in all this different aspects depending on the position to be filled in your company. The aim of this service is to capture the talents that are best suited to your business strategy.

Our process to ensure good choice is:

  • Survey: Survey of the Profile. Evaluation Matrix. Interview with HR / Functional Area. Definition of the position. Organizational Culture. Responsibilities. Comparison with market wages.
  • Publication / Dissemination: advertising in specialized Web sites. National or local newspapers. Contact with universities. Social and professional networks. Networking.
  • Search / Pre-assessment: Search resumes in its own database and portals. Head Hunting of candidates by networking and social networking. Screening of CVs. Pre-telephone interview. Screening of candidates.
  • Interview / Assessment: Interview face. Selection of candidates made specialists, experience analysis, attitudinal, cultural style, salary expectations and professional competencies gestionales, etc. Check references.
  • Definition: Presentation of three finalists. Appraissal Presentation, Coordination of the interview process in client company. Assistance for the election of the candidate; Guarantee.
  • Reviews (optional): Evaluating psycho. Skills assessment test; Consultation BCRA and True; Criminal History.

The whole process is supported by the use of a modern computer application for recruitment and management to optimize our processes and substantially increase our efficiency and productivity, use different sources of recruitment, proprietary database (more than 30,000 candidates ), Social Networking (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter), integration with specialized websites, contact Universities and networking.