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We have a professionals team with extensive experience and expertise that enable us to identify and implement possible improvements in the business processes of your company improving the efficiency and effectiveness.

We develop consulting activities by:

  • Interpretation of theme focused
  • Identifying best practices to implement
  • Managing for quality
  • The application allows you to monitor agreements and controls the design and implementation of the solution in terms of the expected satisfaction

Our Business Consulting services covering:

  • IT Security and Auditing: During the audits we carry out the evaluation of the development operation for software platforms and communications. Develop action plans based on ISO standards for Information Security
  • Business Process: performed from the review of the current status of a process to the definition of the desired situation achieving sustainable improvements
  • Integration and Technological Innovation: our services cover the need to identify, analyze and develop logical and physical communication links between applications and allowing the optimization of the operation of your business
  • Best Management Practices: We propose the application of best practices for each area of ​​an organization to update their business processes. We promote the implementation of standards that allow the development of a comparative framework to simplify the optimization
  • Management of Change: the changes occurring in organizations that motivate human resources must accompany, adapting to new ways to implement activities, our service allows to introduce such changes efficiently