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  • S.T.A.R.S.:Powerful system that enables the management and administration of the recruitment process of talents allows unlimited storage of candidates and their data, incorporates and processed automatically resumes. The CV´s are intelligently recognized and incorporated into a database of candidates, automatically from the email received from job portals on the Internet and also enables automatic processing and resumes directly from Word or PDF. The application was specifically designed to be integrated and used from Microsoft Outlook. Anoto technology Incorporates Digital Pen & Paper for automating processes Interviews and Assessment.
  • B.C.R.I.: System Information Regimes. The system Central Bank-LBBB information regimes, is designed to generate automatically and periodically the information required by the Central Bank and the Agency Comptrollers (AFIP, CNV, ARBA, other), agreements to BCRA regulations 4609 and from extracting data from operational systems and back office of banks and financial institutions; BCRI System uses a technology platform based on modern architecture. NET, the main modules are:

    Security and Audit Universal Free Account (CGU) Term Operations
    Schedule Title & Values Business plan and projections
    Audit Minimum Integration Oversight
    OPCAM (Echange Control Accounts) Minimum Cash Publishing
    Coins and banknotes Guarantee Currency Trading
    Stamp Act Minimum Capital (Deposits, Financing and Market Risk) Insurance payments
    Institutional List Market net global position SITER (Economic Information System Relevant Transactions)
    PGC (General Position Change) Fixed assets Securities available
    Minimum integration Results Balance SISCEN (Centralized System Information Requirements)
    Minimum Cash (monthly and daily) Evaluation authorities Operational risk loss event

  • SFI - Financial Integral System: SFI is a Comprehensive Financial modules made with standard, special or custom solutions for administration and management control of financial institutions with wide possibilities of configuration and adaptability to different business models (Banks, Credit Bank , Mutual), providing a suitable platform for them. SFI provides a solution that fits the business model required real-time and online, and allows the viewing and management of all operations that support sound decision-making. Optimizes full business cycle, ensuring maximum operational performance and proactively react allowing to integrate and streamline the management of all areas. It covers everything from the simplest task to the most critical processes, supporting circuits operational, administrative and commercial.
  • SAT - Management System Credit Card: SAT is a Management System Credit Card, made with standard modules, special, or customized solutions for comprehensive management of the business of credit cards, with many possibilities of parameterization and adaptability to different business models (own card or others), providing a suitable platform for them. SAT provides important benefits, among which are:
    • Allows integration best practices business processes Credit Card Manager for more efficient use of their resources and establish effective controls at every level of the operation.
    • Responds to the characteristics and the reality of a Credit Card Manager, contemplating the specific requirements of local regulations and control.
    • Provides an overview of the operation to integrate information from all areas in the form on-line and 7x24.
    • Allows you to standardize procedures and processes over one or more areas, thus helping to consolidate, and disseminate corporate culture.
    • It is a flexible and scalable solution that grows and evolves with the Administrator.
    • The Administrators that have such a flexible system like this, have a greater capacity to change the strategy, tactics and procedures that are closer to market reality.